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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  June 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now at 11:00 a big decision on monday for former governor, will the supreme court overrule his conviction or not? and protesters in california, the fight that turned violent. good evening, thank you for joining us. those stories in me
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but you may need your umbrella tomorrow, let's go to our first alert meteorologist to find out when. >> probably not late in the day maybe not until tomorrow night. things are changing as the beautiful dry air on top of us, still in the 60s towards the coast, we are 73, 82 in cleveland. a sign of the warmer humid air on the other side of the appalachian moving in over sunday. you will see the showers and the storms coming from indiana into ohio and approaching buffalo and toronto. ahead of the front. ahead of the front is the heat and humidity that is going to build and we are going to be feeling it tomorrow for sure. today, going into the middle 80s, tomorrow, midel to upper 80s, not until tomorrow evening is when i am thinking better chance -- middle to upper 80s, not until tomorrow evening is when i am thinking better chance. but it is going to be cheering out and becoming niecer on wednesday. you know what? we have another chances of showers coming up in
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forecast. i will give you a sneak peek with the 7 day, debra? >> reporter: now, a rally in california. half a tkoz -- dozen people fighting each other. >> reporter: an all out brawl between counterprotesters at the state cap to building. >> we shutdown the nazi's in the process of that they attacked us. >> dope let these skinheads come to town -- >> >> reporter: they were trying to discuss it. the traditionalist worker party from rallying on the steps of the capitol. the situation turned violent. people in the crowd threw rocks, police in riot gear and officers on horseback moved in to break up the melee. they crashed again as they left the area. this time people wearing all black with faces covered and el
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attack. others used their fist. 7 people were stabbed. the organizers had a permit but the rally never even got started before violence broke out. >> to say they are nazi or i am, it is false. i am a registered republican. >> they say they wanted to send a message that hate will not be toerated. >> the nazi's did not recruit anyone new today. >> reporter: so far no arrests have been made. >> again, officials say the right wing groups did receive a permit to protest. the tweets about the violence they are coming fast and furious. one writes "what happened in sacramento was a crim nal violation of criminal rights and should be prosecuted as such." >> "free speech ends where hate begins. answer nazi's veterans did not fight
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hate" tweet us your thoughts. right now, we are one day away from a major decision expected by the supreme court. deciding the fate of former virginia governor bob mcdonald who is convicted of corruption. wuas9 is live for us right now outside of the supreme court, stephanie? >> reporter: bob mcdonald maintains he is innocent. he is asking the supreme court to reverse his corruption conviction. >> it has been 18 months of off times. >> reporter: former virginia governor is convicted of taking gifts and loans from wealthy businessmen johnny williams. in exchange using his power to help williams company star scientific. at the time he was trying to get support in a bid to get fda approval for a supplement his company was funding. everything he did for williams
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governors do like setting up meetings, making phone calls and attending events. they were saying they were all official acts, that is pwroeubary. mcdonald was convicted in 2018. in april the supreme court heard the appeal. the big question. what constitute the scope of the action under federal corruption law. what lawmakers can and can not do. the case is carefully monitored not only by those that appear before public officials but by public officials themselves. who are concerned about the boundaries they face when interacting with constituents, donors and business leaders. >> a few months ago the supreme court seemed sympathetic to mcdonald. it will be interesting to see how it all plays out tomorrow. reporting live in dc, back to you. >> thank you very much, stephanie. >> the governor's wife was
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head's case. metro teamed up with first responders today to conduct a safety drill simulating a potential smoke incident. dozens of volunteers portrayed anxious passengers as mostly cloudy filled up the area. >> it will be helpful for them and for us for what they go through when emergency happens. >> we need good public safety reponce, -- response time, everyone needs to know. >> reporter: firefighters worked quickly in today's simulated event. smoke and insulator issues have real life problems in metro in recent months. a smoke-filled train claimed the life of a 61-year-old woman. it is part of metro's year long maintenance program
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safety issues. from the campaign trail, the latest abc news has clinton ahead of trump. trump responded saying the dirty poll is a disgrace even they admit that many more democrats were polled, other polls were good. hillary clinton tweeted about another topic, there are more mass shootings in the united states than any other country in the world. we can not accept this, not now. not ever. competition heating up among companies wanting to get into the medical marijuana business. maryland is set to award 15 licenses next month and close to 150 businesses are already lining up pp
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post," identified more than 9 paoeuft -- 950 people. in addition to choosing up to 15 growers the state will award licenses to process marijuana and sell the product. >> people sleeping on wet mattresses, sleeping in their cars. they lost it all. >> that church you are looking at, one of the few buildings not damaged by storms and floodings in west virginia. it is now a temporary home to 90 nursing home residents. 24 people have died in recent flood. hundreds of others lost their homes. with more storms expected tomorrow there is a flash flood watch for 25 west virginia counties. she was a prince william police officer shot and killed on her first day on the job. now, a local brewery is paying tribute to her. today, the tin
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company in gainesville, virginia unveiled a new ale honoring the fallen officer. >> it is hard to wake up, put your bullet proof vest on, knowing you may not come home that day. you always have it in the back of your head but when it slaps you in the face is that much more difficult. so, when an event happens like this and we see that the people appreciate us and appreciate the sacrifices that we make. that makes it easer to put the bullet proof vest and uniform on and go to work that day. >> weare all hurt when something happens to someone. i am honored to have the community out here supporting the cause. >> reporter: the proceeds will benefit the family of the officer as well as other officers who were wounded in the shootings last february. well, this was not supposed to happen. crews pull a car from a reio
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outer loop. the driver is okay but they are not sure what caused him to leave the road. michelle obama along with her daughters are on their way to africa tonight. it is part of a "let girls learn" initiative. the goal is to help developing nations educate millions of girls not attending school. they plan to make stops in liberia and morbeing ono. a year ago today that same sex marriages the law of the lane. many are trying to overturn --
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breaking news into the news room. a crash on northbound interstate 295 at south capitol street shutdown the interstate in both directions. it all happened a short time ago. we are told at least one person has been hurt. no word yet on what caused that crash. today, marking the first anniversary of the supreme court decision
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sex marriage in the united states. gay pride celebrations were held across the nation today. hundreds of thousands were are loud and proud in new york city's annual gay pride parade. 49 people in white vails walked in silence. representing those killed in the shooting at the gay nightclub "pulse" in orlando. a volunteer marks this year with a different purpose. she is friends with a man who escaped the shooting unhurt. >> it was a very traumatic experience for him. i was so thankful that he was all right but in that same breath he lost so many friends that night. >> there was heightened security this year including thousands of officers lining the parade route. high court's ruling on same sex marriage inspired tens of us to ands of gay couples to marry. opponents say it is fueling their decision to change th
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overwhelmed standing on the steps of the supreme court. >> i think about the last time i was really here when the plaza was filled with thousands of people and this incredible sense of joy. >> reporter: a year ago he was the plaintiff in a landmark supreme court decision legalizing same sex marriage. >> for me it takes it all back to the reason john and i started this fight. to live up to our promises and i owed it to him to see it through the end. >> reporter: has head died of als -- his husband died of als three months after their wedding that was not recognized by their home state of ohio. his death certificate listed him as single until the supreme court ruling. >> love does win. >> reporter: a poll out this week estimates that 123,000 same sex couples were paerd were married since it became law. nearly half of the same sex couples that are living together are married. that is up 8% than a year ago. >>
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celebrating. several groups are working to overturn the ruling calling the decision unconstitutional. >> the decision, i believe, will be overturned. >> reporter: brian brown is president of the national organization for marriage. >> the supreme court did not have any jurisdiction or right to redefine the nature of marriage and to steal for the people their right to vote on such a question. >> reporter: saturday's march in washington to protest the ruling was part of the group strategy. but with the anniversary of being celebrated with gay pride parades in new york and in other cities he is confident the decision will stand. back to you. >> they say they expect the next legal battle will grow out of the current debate over transgender rights. with the united kingdom to leave the european union, millions signed
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some of the signers even voted for the exit. the prime ministered he would leave in october but now some are calling for him to exit sooner. a deadly wildfire in central california may of claimed a third victim. today, firefighters found possible human remains in a home. on side the bodies of an elderly couple were founded in of their home. the wildfire began on thursday and destroyed 200 homes and it is threatening another 2500 houses. many belonging to retirees. firefighters say that the fire is now about 10% contained. >> always watching, always tracking. wusa9 first alert weather. dc's most accurate. years of drought and summer heat fueling the fires. >> so many
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jeopardy. >> exactly. changing gears, a beautiful day here today. >> a beautiful weekend. >> how on did your three degree guarantee go? >> we are doing good. i don't want to jinx it. we will get to the changes coming. forecasted a high of 87 degrees. we missed it but only by one degree, hit 86 for the high. that is pretty good. that is pretty good. yes, 36 out of the last 39. but our fort owns are about to change. nice and dry this weekend. dew points still in the 50s to the north and east of fill fill. 46. the dew point represents a truer measure of how much moisture. the lower the number, the drier the year. >> 67 humid. getting to 70, that is sticky. that is what the dew point is. cleveland, 68. so, a lot more moisture on the other side of the appalachian that will be moving towards us overnight and you are going to feel different air mass tomorrow. currently 68 in baltimore and bel air. 66 in cambridge. but
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winchester and front royal at 72. we have 67 tonight and 64 in gathesberg. in town, not a bad evening. starting to feel more humid. 73, mainee clear sky. a lot of heat down -- mainly clear sky. a lot of heat downtown. all of the way down to florida and georgia. it was feat degrees, feat degrees at the park. it is a zoo observation in new orleans. now, that is a hot day. in fact, tied the record for them. our weather is not nice coming down from here. heat and humidity. this front right here. driven by this area of low pressure, see how it is coming across western ontario. well, this front, yes, getting closer to us, it will take its time. as it gets closer to us and seeing the storms in ohio tonight it is going to fire off storms here by tomorrow afternoon and evening. quiet night. a few clouds here and there but we will see sun in the morning, lunchtime, 81 west
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threat for showers, creeping towards us late in the day. again, look at that, 4:30. getting towards the blue ridge. now, lighter showers, heavier showers indicated to the south and west. that could be on top of us. this is a model. we will get you if towards tuesday morning, isolated showers south and east. then, afternoon, a threat for the showers and the storms, either of the days could be a yellow alert day. momon-- monitoring exactly where and when the storms are popping out. pay attention, 60s, 70, south winds at 5. more humid. tomorrow, 60s and 70s. in the afternoon, 80 and humid. now, towards tuesday, a few afternoon storm its, yellow weather alert. 88, less humid wednesday, 83. thursday looks good, isolated storm to the
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towards the weekend, yes, a few storms friday into saturday. well, after the break we will tell you about a new
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you will not see drones drops packages places. >> reporter: if you are anything like me you are picking up groceries or other items on your way home. but with new technology all of that heavy lifting may be a thing of the past. >> it is a cooler on wheels. 9 cameras and sensors to help maneuver around the sidewalks and avoid hitting pedestrians. >> i could deal with that. >> people are going to be like what is that in my neighborhood. >> here on capitol hill. it is one of many being tested and it is the first drone
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delivery service of its kind. oh, yes. i would love that process. i would not have to lug groceries, no heavy groceries or heavy water bottles. >> anything that comes to my house that i can pay for at a good price. >> reporter: it will use gps and apps to unlock the lid to only the recipient gets the goods inside. >> technology is so cool. it is cool to see something new coming. >> reporter: creating new challenges. >> i can not see it working downtown and i don't think the government would like
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the mall. they have not come up with a name for this robot. they are asking for help. just go to our web site for more. >> i would see that going down the street. we can see them on the streets as soon as september. okay, mission metro. nonprofit partnering with metro now asking you how you think this transit system can improve. greater greater
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it's a great day for an adventure. surprises are hiding around each corner. come chase thrills that lead in every direction. yet somehow bring us all back together. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. vacation packages start at $50 per person. a whole other world awaits.
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coming up on "game on overtime." oh billy, the story of a former navy officer gunning for his first tour win. now, the first victory of his career for hurley. >> i think everyone here in this area knows what he has gone through. some of the old school players like els and vijay singh take his tournament. it was a great week of golf at the quicken loans, we take a look back at the week that was. >> getting the hole. >> yes, indeed. "game on


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